March Krazy Kontest – GRAND PRIZE 5x$200 gift certificate to the favourite local restaurant! 0

Oscars are coming! SAG's have already been handed out! March 28,2022 Tune in! CODA & Belfast are JKTeam favourites! Just answer the following skill testing question for your chance to win!

Favourite Things Friday – Seasons in the Park Restaurant on a clear evening. 0

Brenda’s Favourite Things Friday – Seasons in the Park Restaurant on a clear evening.

February 2022 Krazy Kontest Winner! 0

Congratulations to the winner of our Feburary 2022 Krazy Kontest. The correct answer to our question “What year did Mel Lastman call in the army to help clear the snow in Toronto?” is 1999.
And who won the $75 gift certificate to a local restaurant of his choice?

The Lomi Composter 0

The Lomi Composter – It takes what would normally go into your green bin and turns it into compost in about 4 hrs! It looks good too.


Bungee laces – quick and easy to do up, no lacing or having to do double knots. They fit all shoes and boots. Love them!!

February Krazy Kontest 0

Enter this month’s Krazy Kontest and win a $75 Gift Certificate to the local restaurant of your choice!

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – MANCYFIT Thermal Underwear 0

A Calgarian, aka an expert in bundling up, recommended them to me. They are extra soft and warm and even better than those made by Uniqlo.

Favourite Things Friday – The Libby App 0

Libby is a great alternative to the Audible app and it works better too. You can get free ebooks & audiobooks from your local library!

January 2022 Krazy Kontest Winner 0

Kongratulations to January 2022 KK winner!

Favourite Things Friday – Bitondo Pizzeria in Little Italy 0

Nothing better than going to Little Italy on Clinton Street to enjoy a hot veal sandwich from Bitondo Pizzeria