Favourite Things Friday – Bitondo Pizzeria in Little Italy 0

Nothing better than going to Little Italy on Clinton Street to enjoy a hot veal sandwich from Bitondo Pizzeria

Favourite Things Friday – Heated gloves 0

I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of amazing ski days at Whistler last month and was SO excited to try out my new heated gloves.

January Krazy Kontest 0

This year’s first lucky winner will receive a $75.00 gift card to a local restaurant of your choice!

December 2021 Krazy Kontest Winner 0

Congratulations to the winner of our December 2021 Krazy Kontest.

The Gist – JKT’s Favourite Things Friday 0

I have loved The Gist for a while now – it is an interesting, amusing and female oriented view on all the happenings in the sporting world.

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Following the yellow brick road down Roncy at night 0

Enjoying a fun walk down Roncy on a Saturday night along the yellow brick Road. Felt like a munchkin, lookng for for the good witch Glenda.

“High viz” Shedrow dog vests – JKT’s Favourite Things Friday 0

Julie shares her favorite thing Friday:

“We love our “high viz” Shedrow dog vests – especially for our 2 black dogs – makes it much safer walking our girls in the neighbourhood at night. (BTW- My new iphone camera makes it look bright out but it is dark!!). In the dark wet weather they are even more important!”

December Krazy Kontest 0

It’s time to bundle up! Toronto’s weather forecast is calling for heaps of snow and you might want to stay indoors and join Krazy Kontest!

Apple Slicer extraordinaire! – JKT’s Favourite Things Friday 0

Crispy apple peels and slices itself – and voila! Here goes healthy human snack, doggy snack, apple pie ….Watch apple magic happen.

November 2021 Krazy Kontest Winner 0

Congratulations to the winner of our November 2021 Krazy Kontest.